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    Integrated Solutions for Full-Coverage Protection

    Dunbar Security Solutions (DSS) is fully committed to safeguarding physical assets against constantly evolving threats. Our devoted Security Solutions team members take a cross-functional approach to creating customized plans that integrate security personnel services and electronic security systems. The goal is to give our clients custom-tailored, 360-degree protection with the ability to respond to threats swiftly and effectively. Our standard is unmatched in quality and consistency and our strength is fortified by decades of experience in providing industry defining security solutions.

    The Dunbar Process

    Our Security Solutions are flexible and adaptable to any business model. We consult with each client to understand your enterprise in its entirety and assess where potential vulnerabilities lie. We then tailor a security strategy to fit your organizations unique security needs and equip you with best-in-class technology to monitor and manage assigned personnel and systems that we put in place.

    Our Security Solutions

    We provide expert security personnel to fulfill your interior and perimeter security needs. Using only the best training practices, equipment and technology, our personnel are poised to foster stable, reliable, courteous service while creating a visible deterrent to threats. We are proud to offer the most advanced activity tracking and incident reporting for our security personnel as well as the capability to integrate into other security systems.

    We know that easy, accessible control over who can enter and exit doors, elevators, garages and other points of entry goes a long way toward helping you achieve the right balance of security and convenience. Our integrated access systems can be customized to fit any space or environment to provide your organization with continuous protection.

    Our North American manufactured, best-in-class technology utilizes an IP-based video surveillance system and high-resolution video cameras that record and archive critical footage, giving you the ability to assess, analyze and capture workplace incidents as well as identify potential threats before putting yourself or others in harm’s way.

    Our intrusion detection systems integrate with your general security system to deter potential intruders before they even attempt to gain access to your facility. These detection systems are fully customizable and offer performance abilities way beyond traditional lock-and-key systems, in terms of both protection and value.

    The Dunbar Difference

    Disciplined, Intelligent Personnel

    Our licensed and trained security personnel understand that the wrong type of security can actually hinder an operation and give a business a negative reputation. Our team is composed of professional individuals that have been trained to maintain the right balance between strength, courtesy, and efficiency.

    Best-in-Class Technology

    Our technology is used in every aspect of our offerings. From managing security personnel to monitoring CCTV, the Dunbar Technology Suite eliminates paperwork and provides the tools necessary to manage our integrated security options easily, remotely and in real time.


    Our highly skilled security staff and technicians are fully trained to meet all required standards of manufacturer and state certification. They are dedicated to providing high-quality service and are ready to respond to any emergency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.



    Our security solutions are designed to be effective and easy to use. As your organization and workforce change and expand, our security command center will adapt to meet the growing needs of single or multiple-location businesses.

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    Headquartered in Maryland.
    Proudly serving for over 100 years.

    D.C. Security License – SAB72, Expires 10/31/2025
    DE Private Security Agency – 21-306, Expires 05/11/2025
    MD Security Guard License – 106-5328, Expires 07/31/2025
    MD Security Systems License – 107-2144, Expires 07/31/2025
    VA DCJS BU01 – 11-1257, Expires 10/31/2025
    VA DCJS BU06 – 11-1772, Expires 05/31/2026
    TX Security Guard License – B28539101, Expires 10/31/2024
    TX Security Systems License – B28539101, Expires 10/31/2024
    GA Low Voltage Alarm – LVA205395, Expires 08/31/2025
    WV Contractors License – WV063813, Expires 4/10/2025
    WV Security Guard License – F240530014637, Expires 5/30/2026

    Main Offices & Greater Baltimore Branch

    235 Schilling Circle, Suite 109, Hunt Valley, MD 21031

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